Cathedral of Saint Vladimir is located in the historic area of ​​Los Angeles adjacent to Hollywood. The first Ukrainian and one of the first Orthodox parishes in California, was founded in the 20s of the last century, the Ukrainians fleeing the Bolshevik terror. Temple Architecture embodies national traits and traditions of Ukrainian church.

Parishioners support native Ukrainian and Orthodox traditions. Being an active social life. We always welcome guests and new parishioners in our church.

Services are held in the Ukrainian and English languages.


Father Vasile Sauciur

Father Vasile Sauciur

Father Vasile is a Pastor at St. Vladimir Cathedral since 2003.
   In 1997, he completed 5 years education of "Theology" in the Orthodox Seminary (city Caransebes, Romania). From 1997 to 2001 year Fr. Vasile graduated in "Pastoral Theology" in University of the West (city Chernivtsi, Ukraine). Fluent in English, Ukrainian, Romanian, and Russian.
   Fr. Vasile went on the road of his father Michael, a priest.

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Parish History

Around 1920 began the first Ukrainians moved from Eastern America to California. Thanks to several dozen Ukrainian families organized into Ukrainian Center, we can talk about the Ukrainian community in Los Angeles. The association was initiated for construction of the Ukrainian National Home and hoped to invite Ukrainian priest. The basis of parish rules comes laid those positions that were adopted in Ukraine during the revival Avtokifalnoy Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

In July 1949 the construction of the church auditorium began. The construction was entrusted to Mr. Martin and Basil masters Timchuk Mr V. and Mr M. Mikhno. At the annual meeting on February 26, 1950 Parish had its first service in the new house.

At the annual meeting of the Parish, February 7, 1954, it was decided to open a separate "fund structure of the Church." The fund began to grow and in 1961 it was $ 40,000. Construction of the cathedral has began.
Opening and Dedication of the Cathedral took place on Green Day, 17 June 1962